"Imagine" by John Lennon is a song dealing with issues such as world peace, war, world hunger, homelessness, choices of religion, and individual freedoms.  For a music and society class that I participate in, I presented a project that conveyed my own understanding of the lyrics.  The messages given by the song may be very different for each individual, as word's often convey more than one message.

I researched the Vietnam War for my subject topic. Through the use of statistics and visual aids, I explained my understanding of John Lennon's words.  I think the message John Lennon makes is clear and simple.  To achieve peace for everyone in the world!  Peace was a dream for John Lennon and even today PEACE is still a dream yet to be achieved by the world.  To achieve peace everyone must work together to make the world free from discrimination and violence, and a better place in which to live, in FREEDOM.

January, 1996