The empty playground symbolizes the end of childhood innocence.


I DON'T LIKE MONDAYS by The Boomtown Rats

The song "I don't like Mondays", by the Boomtown Rats has meaning behind its words. In early February of 1979, Brenda Spencer at the time was 16, fired a 22 cal. rifle repeatedly at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego. Brenda told the authorities "I don't like Mondays". When asked who she was shooting at she replied, "No one in particular, I kind of like the red and blue jackets". Principal Burton Wragg and custodian Michael Suchar were killed by Brenda's sporadic fire, while eight children and one police officer were wounded. After hours of what she called "fun", she finally surrendered. Many asked why did she do it. No one had an answer.

We think Bob Geldof wrote this song not understanding how an act of random violence such as this could occur in our society. He did this to raise the awareness of his listeners by repeating the phrase, "Tell me why".

Related Units Of Study: random violence / mental illness / societal problems/ insanity plea / mandatory sentencing.

by Matt, Vern, and Josh, Jan. 1996, Grade 11

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