"Freedom" Constructed Response Activity



By Paul McCartney 2001


This is my right

A right given by God

To live a free life to live in freedom


Talkin' about freedom

I'm talkin' 'bout freedom

I will fight for the right to live in freedom


Anyone tries to take it away

They'll have to answer 'cause this is my right…



“... person or persons shall from henceforth upon any occasion of offence …declare, call or denominate any person or persons… within this province… in a reproachful manner relating to matters of Religion… shall for every such offence forfeit and lose the sum of ten shillings Sterling or the value there of to be levied on the goods and chattels of every such offender and offenders…”

~ Act of Toleration, 1649




1)   What document was the above quote taken from? When was it written?





2)   Compare the document above and the lyrics to Paul McCartney’s 2001 song “Freedom”. How is the message or meaning of both works similar? Cite language and lyrics to support your answer.





3)   Define the term Freedom of Religion and explain its relationship to the settlement of English colonies in North America.






4)   How was the colonies struggle for freedom in the 1700’s similar to the struggle for freedom in 2001? How were the situations and circumstances different?






5)   Write several meaningful concept sentences about the settlement of the American Colonies during the 1600’s.











"Don't Tread On Me" Constructed Response Activity


"Colonists felt the rattlesnake was a good example of America's virtues. They argued it is unique to America; individually its rattles produce no sound, but united they can be heard by all; and while it does not attack unless provoked, it is deadly to step upon one"

1) According to the statement above which reptile represented the good qualities of America in the late 1700's? What are those qualities?

2) According to the song and the quote above are the Americans likely to strike the first blow in their growing conflict with England? Cite language and lyrics to support your answer.

3) Does the song "Don't Tread on Me" more closely express a patriot or loyalist point of view? Explain your answer.

4) Identify and discuss two policies or actions taken by England that angered her American colonies during the 1700's?

5) Write meaningful sentences about the political and social changes taking place in Colonial America using each of the following concept words;  political system, power, change, justice, choice.



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