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M.U.S.I.C. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) publicly supported organization. We promote the educational use of songs by teachers in all subject areas hence, extending the use and study of songs beyond traditional General Music programs. Songs are a timeless expression of the human experience. They capture the history of events, ideas, and people that have shaped our pluralistic society. Song lyrics are an excellent teaching tool that will engage, excite and motivate young people. The creative process of analyzing and interpreting song lyrics helps students to develop essential research, writing, critical thinking, and media literacy skills.

This arts integration program helps young citizens to develop critical skills, essential for participation in a modern democratic society. In a broader sense, we are promoting art and media based education as means of "reaching" the growing number of disadvantaged or at-risk youth through performance projects and powerful learning experiences. Song-based lessons, projects, and activities are tools that will enable educators to create opportunities for all students to experience success in the classroom. Concurrently, student self-image and self-esteem will increase as they begin to view themselves as competent and capable learners. All students can learn, but first you must get their attention.

Johnathan Chase, President
Musicians United For Songs In The Classroom, Inc.

M.U.S.I.C. Board of Directors

( Past Directors )

Dennis N. Banks, Ph.D. Department of Secondary Education, SUNY, College at Oneonta
Mike Shaw, President Sales & Marketing ABC Television Network
Jean Palmer-Moloney, Ph.D. Department of Geography, Coastal Resources Management, East Carolina University


( 2008-11 )

Penny Seeger, Director, Otsego County Office of Employment and Training

John W. Scott, Editor, Folksong In The Classroom

Sandra McKane  Past Chair, Department of Music, Hartwick College / Director, Oneonta Service Learning Project
Barry P. Warren, Ph.D., Center for Economic & Community Development, SUNY, College at Oneonta
Johnathan Chase,  Middle School Teacher, Edmeston Central School, Founder and President, M.U.S.I.C. Inc.

Timothy McKane,  English/Language Arts Teacher, Oneonta Middle School

Honorable Mention; Casey Barduhn, Brian Burgess, Maureen Christensen, Norm Hait, Scott Stone, Tom Potter and Chris Chase.


In Development...( Fall/Winter 2012 )

Learning From Lyrics, 3rd Edition - The Stories Behind The Songs.

The song reference guide provides a Directory of recommended songs along with detailed descriptions of learning activities and instructional strategies for incorporating contemporary songs into a variety of subject areas including; Mathematics, Economics, Geography, Public Policy, Health, Language Arts, Media Literacy, Psychology, Political Science, Science, Social Studies, and Sociology. The text also provides project guides, rate sheets and rubrics for assessing student portfolios and/or performance projects. Additionally, you will find numerous student exemplars, including essays and visual art.

Check out sample chapters of this interdisciplinary popular music reference guide by clicking here.




We also provide Learning From Lyrics Seminars for educators. Our presenters are certified teachers who can design and customize staff development sessions to meet the specific educational needs of your school and/or district. We offer full, half-day, and hourly workshops covering a wide variety of topics and subject areas including; arts integration, media literacy, portfolio assessment, new learning standards, critical thinking skills, performance assessment, document based questions, standardized testing, rubrics, constructed response questions, alternative assessments, extended tasks, interdisciplinary curriculum , and team teaching.


To view a list of past conferences/seminars and future dates, click here.


If you would like more information about our teacher workshops and professional development programs please contact:

M.U.S.I.C., Inc.
83 Ford Avenue
Oneonta, NY 13820

(607) 432 - 8128

Individual donations are also welcome. Thanks for your support.

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