h C  O  U  R  A  G  E  .

T H E     A N T I - D R U G  .

Drug use in the United States among teens is on the rise. The most commonly used drug is Marijuana, whose main active chemical is THC. Many teens use marijuana because they see friends, brothers, sisters, and older family members using it. Some even use it to escape from problems in the home or in their life. Contrary to popular belief though, there are a greater percentage of teens not using marijuana than there is. In a yearly national survey,1 out of 6 10th graders report that they are currently using marijuana. 1 out of 4 seniors report that they are currently using marijuana. So have the courage to say no to marijuana and other drugs and remember that you're not the only one who says no. It's the kids that do smoke that don't have the courage to see what they are doing to their body, their future, and their friends and family. Help your friends and family stay drug free by speaking out. Fight the battle against drug use.

"Some want to think hope is lost, see me stand alone..."

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