It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare,

it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. 






ďBullet And A TargetĒ Healthy Risk-Taking Activity



Students read the lyrics to Citizen Copeís ďBullet And A TargetĒ, listened to the song, and chose one or more of the following activities to completeÖScroll down this page to read the song lyrics and to view student responses which are posted in different colored fonts.



1)††† Write a healthy risk-taking personal mission statement.


2)††† Write a healthy risk-taking song lyric.


3)††† Write a healthy risk-taking poem.


4)††† Write a healthy risk-taking slogan ( t-shirt, bumper stickerÖ )


5)††† Create a healthy risk-taking image or logo




You only get one, just one shot at life...so donít blow it !

Life has many chances just like gambling

Donít be afraid to try new things and take the leap of faith

Always try to do what is right which will lead you to

Living a happy and successful life







ďBullet And A TargetĒ


Mr.Dali Lamas
Another sister's shootin' heroin tomorrow
Amputees in Freetown
Sierra Leone's
The church wasn't honest
The state put the youth in a harness
Creatin' hostility among us
Teacher said no college
Still the kid's gotta get a check with a couple commas
People wanna bomb us
More people gotta scatter and run from us
You can blame it on Zeus and Apollo and Adonis

But what you've done here
Is put yourself between a bullet and a target
And it won't be long before
You're pulling yourself away

But what you've done here
Is put yourself between a bullet and a target
And it won't be long before
You're pulling yourself away

I've been knowing her for years
I've been seeing her for years
She got dark, dark wavy hair
With a voice like she just don't care
She got a skirt with a halter top
She's got a dad who never gave a f #&%
She drinks a beer with her mom 'til dawn
She got knocked up in a pickup truck
But she got engaged when she was nineteen
To this dude who was acting insane
Had a .45 that he always cleaned
Said one day one day one too many days
Now she ducked and she ran away
Never to be heard from, never to be seen
I check the cover of a magazine
I'm just wondering how, just wondering how

But what you've done here
Is put yourself between a bullet and a target
And it won't be long before
You're pulling yourself away


The Clarence Greenwood Recordings © 2004 Citizen Cope




ď...Part of what "Bullet and a Target" is about is people that put themselves in situations that are dangerous that have a self-destructive quality. Part of it is where society is putting them in that situation. There's people that were born into it, people that choose to do it, and there's people who are thrown into it. "Bullet and a Target" deals with a lot of things.Ē

~ Citizen Cope ( interview ) Ė imaginary char, Features, December 7, 2004





Donít let time pass you bye,

take chances and maybe youíll fly






Everyone in life has their own voices

Itís good to make healthy risk taking choices


In life if you do good things, they will be seen

Donít mess up and be really mean


Always make good choices wherever you go

Donít be a bully and make people feel low


Do what you have to do, to be a good person

Itís good to do things without cursing


Make this world full of lovers

All you have to do is be nice to others





Some times risk taking gets me in trouble

because I donít take time to think about it

But other times risk taking can make you happy

and you will have good things in life


~ * ~


If you think before you act

the consequences will have a positive outcome

instead of a negative outcome


© 2006 Meredith Books




Whatís the point in skydiving

If the plane never leaves the ground

Or is it just a matter of how high

You are from the standards bar

So instead of enjoying the nice relaxing fall

You fall flat on your face with no success

Maybe next time it may leave the ground

And youíll see why you missed out before





Forget the past

Hereís to the future

You are your own person

And the decision is yours

To be a better risk taker

And make your life more




Take 5 seconds to breathe

To look before you leap

To check the sky for clouds

And the ground for leaves

Now push them all away

Remove your obstacles today

Believe in yourself

And take the risk...

Before your courage falls away




If youíre up high

And you wonít let go

Take a deep breath

And just let it go

It may take a couple of tries as you go

But in the end

You can say ďWow I can do that !Ē...

Just donít ever forget

That you yourself are your own coach

And you are your own star

And no one can change that



~ * ~



Do now...Make a choice and stick with it

Life with fear isnít life at all

Take a risk

1 life...many choices




Stand up before itís too late

For sitting...there is a risk not willing to take


~ * ~


Take a stand

Make a difference

Itís your life

The risks you take

Will pave its way


* ~ *

Think before you make a decision that

could really mess up something you have.

© Megan Reynolds






Life is an opportunity in itself and risks are always presented. So follow

the path that leads to success and be true to who you are. Donít fear

possible rejection but fight for your opinion in a perfection.




From behind you see


from the back of the room

one hand was in the air

shyly she offered rejection

hoping sheís right for her own protection

among many, risking it all, she answered

quietly she whispered as all stared

one chance either right or wrong

the power to raise her hand

led to her success in the end


© 2008 Sam Pickwick






Wake up in the morning and think something good

Donít get up and mess up in the neighborhood


Go to school and take that dumb test

It ainít worth your parents arrest


If you skip school itís against the law

And if you do, your parents take the fall


It isnít that hard to go to classes

Just be smart and save your asses


After school you can have some fun

Itís better than school calculating the sum


Go hang out with your best friends

Or go chill in your Mercedes-Benz


But to get that car you need some cash

So get a job and make sure not to crash


Then at night go home and do some homework

Then work on your car and give it some tork


And then put it on the road and go fast

But donít get in a race and come in last


Donít get caught by the state troopers

You know there really big party poopers


Then now you get a speeding ticket

And then you wonít be able to chase and kick-it


Youíd get a ticket and youíd get grounded

Youíd probably think you were surrounded


Youíd feel bad about the ticket it was a bad choice

Youíd be in trouble and all you hear is their voice


You forget about it, it would be the last time

It be the last thing, the last crime


Now donít break the law, itís not worth it

Because everybody around you will have a fit


Itís not worth getting arrested, itís not worth jail

Itís not worth it, itís not worth your fail

Itís not worth it, you canít afford bail






ďOne ChanceĒ


In the casino, a long way from home

fifty bucks in the pocket

I try not to be alone

I search for a table

far across the room

I shuffle my feet

like the sound of a broom

An open seat, I spot with my eye

fifty bucks, itís worth a try

Holdemís the game

The dealer says to me

ďYa know how to play?Ē

ďwell, lets play and seeĒ

The man to the right

his face full of hair

Slides on his glasses

and gives me a stare

ďI bet fiftyĒ

as his chips stand tall

I look at my cards

I give it a call...


( you finish )


© 2008 Nolan VanFleet








The more chance you take

The more opportunities you will get


Choose wisely


Challenges will await you

Failure can come too

But failure will lead to success






An energetic time and we had a ball

But no one expected weíd ever fall

All the fun we all had

Never expected it to go bad


We did a little frisk

Didnít understand the risk

Didnít have a condom

Where did the baby come from?

© 2008 Christopher Sharp



"...All our lives get complicated Search for pleasures overrated..."

( 10th graders visual interpretation of Fuel's,"Innocent" )



You think itís hot,
Smokiní weed,
Pumpiní pot,
Something you donít need,
But itís not,
Powered by greed.
This is your last shot.

Unnecessary risk,
Dying by the hands of shrooms,
This ainít like a compact disc,
Poppiní in your room,
Downloadiní into your hard disk.

Your life,
Not his life,
Or her life,
No one else matters.
Itís you.

This problem isnít gonna go away,
Just like you think those pills might do,
Itíll stay,
Itíll look you,
In the eye, and say,
ďThereís nothing you can do!Ē

Is this the way to die?
The way to lie?
To your parents, your friends,
Itís you who needs a helping hand.

Find your anti-,
Even if it means just barely getting by,
And try!
And Iím asking why?
Why do you have to do this to your friends and I?
To yourself and find a new way to die?
Is this why you been so shy?
A drug addict, no normal guy?
Well, fine!

If your not willing to let me help,
Youíll find out, you little whelp.
This is how you dealt.
Hope your betterÖ.
Cause thereís no one else to fix this but you!

Youíre the factor,
Between death and a life,
Just behind the open door,
You need to handle the strife,
And not fall on the floor.
Do whatís right!

For you.
Your family.
Your friends.
Your community.

It all adds up to you.

So tell me what your choice is now.

ďHelp me.Ē

Thatís the first real risk you just took.
Now letís put it into action.


© 2008 Christopher Sharp



"She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie, cocaine..."

( 10th graders visual interpretation of Eric Clapton's, "Cocaine" )


Get ready to go sell those pills

Get ready to go give those kills


Make yourself ready to go get that green

Go fetch that green like youíve never seen

Itís not cool, your job is freakin mean


Think about the people you sellin to

They probably got family you stupid foo


Or think about it, it could be a cop

Then your life comes to one fast stop


Itís mad dumb you could kill someone

Even yourself or your innocent son


Now stop and have a life changing vision

You could get caught and go to prison


Now stop the stupid drug stuff...what do ya say?

Before you get KILLED or get LIFE...locked up and away




"...Walk a little straighter daddy You're swaying side to side..."

( 10th graders visual interpretation of Billy Currington's, "Walk a Little Straighter" )