"Darkness" Constructed Response Activity

"...Entire culture, lost in the overthrow
They came to seize and take whatever they please
Then all they gave back was death and disease...
My people's culture was strong, it was pure
And if not for that white greed
It would've endured...
Ya cram ya culture down my throat
Say I'm inferior when I find that I choke..."

Rage Against The Machine ~ Darkness ( Of Greed )

"Today we are raising more than we can consume. Today we are making more than we can use... Therefore we must find new markets for our produce, new occupation for our capital, new work for our labor... Ah! As our commerce spreads, the flag of liberty will circle the globe and the highway of the ocean - carrying trade to all mankind - will be guarded by the guns of the republic. And as their thunders salute the flag, benighted (ignorant) peoples will know that the voice of liberty is speaking, at last, for them...that civilization is dawning at last, for them."

~ Senator Alfred Beveridge, 1898

"...The Philippines are ours forever, "territory belonging to the United States," as the Constitution calls them...And just beyond the Philippines are China's illimitable markets...We will not retreat from either...We will not repudiate our duty in the archipelago. We will not abandon our opportunity in the Orient...We will not renounce our part in the mission of our race, trustee, under God, of the civilization of the world...He has marked us as His chosen people, henceforth to lead in the regeneration of the world..."

U.S. Senator Albert J. Beveridge speaks on the Philippine Question, U.S. Senate, January 9, 1900

1) Summarize and explain the message or meaning of the excerpt from the song Darkness (Of Greed).

2) Compare the message of the quotes by Senator Beveridge and the song lyrics. Is the meaning of each document similar or do they express contrasting beliefs and points of view? Explain.

3) Define imperialism and explain how this belief system could contribute to disputes and conflicts between nations?

4) Which of the documents above expresses and supports imperialistic beliefs and attitudes? Explain.

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