The song I chose to use is "Broken Home" by Papa Roach.  It is about a dysfunctional family and    how the child who lives there deals with this.  It is fairly sad to read and to listen to because I know how common this style of life is and how it can have such a negative effect on that child.  This song can relate to many different areas of health.  It can relate to mental health, social health, or even physical health if you take into consideration that the child may be abused.

        The song starts out with the lines "I can't seem to fight these feelings, I'm caught in the middle of this."  This is referring to a house where the parents are always fighting.  The person that they are singing about is probably fairly young and very affected by this.  Being caught in the middle means that they don't really know who to side with, or possibly he or she is the source of all the fighting in their house.  At the end of this verse he says "I just want to know the truth." I think this means that this person has not been told straight forward by his or her parents about their problems.  They probably spend most of their time trying to hide these problems from them.

        The chorus says "Broken home, all alone."  They are all alone because they have nobody to talk to or they cannot decide which parent they can confide in because they don't want to have to choose between his or her parents.  So they deal with this by just not talking to either one.

        The second verse says that this person is leaning toward siding with their mother.  "I know my mother loves me, but does my father even care."  This line I find it easy to relate to.  I think the person they are singing about is a boy.  Usually teenage boys try to impress their fathers and live up to their father's expectations and when they don't approve of what they have done it usually strikes them pretty hard.  He wonders if his father even cares.  This I think shows he is leading toward the idea that his father is the source of their problems.  He also says "I feel like a weak link."  He is a weak link because he knows he is probably the only thing keeping his parents together.  The parents are probably only still together because they think it is best for their child, but even that is wearing thin.  And after a while it won't matter anymore and they will be separated anyway.

        He says "It feels bad to be alone, crying by yourself, living in a broken home."  Once again referring to the idea that this person has nobody to talk to.  All the time alone is beginning to take its toll on this person as it would on most anybody.  From this I think the person is also very young.  "Depression strikes hard like my old earth would tell it," is saying that this person is very upset and having many problems dealing with these family problems.  Young people have enough pressures and problems to think about without having to deal with the problems of a broken home, thus this person is very depressed.

        This song talks about a very real problem in America.  They say that a person's parents have the most influence on them while they are young.  But what kind of influence is there when you live in a household that is always fighting, or your father is cheating on your mother, or perhaps you are abused by one of your parents?  It is really quite sad.  I think this song also leads you to believe that the father abuses this child.  He is always saying his father doesn't care.  Apparently the father is the source of most of his pain and problems, but it doesn't specify how.  This person is very young and shouldn't have to spend all their time trying to keep his family together.  This may affect his or her social and mental heath also.  If this person has to spend all of their time trying to help his parents with their problems that leaves little time for this person's friends.  How can you be social and have a lot of friends if all of your attention is on your family and their problems.  Also this person may be rejected by his or her classmates because they have no time for anything else.  It is also possible that this person is abused by his or her parents and as a result keep to themselves a lot and are afraid to trust others.  This is a terrible strain on a young person.  These problems may also affect this person's mental health, especially if they are abused.  It is proven that children that grow up in an abusive family grow up to be an abusive parent.  They have grown up like that and to them it might seem alright because that is what their parents did to them.  It is also a large drain on this young person's mind.  They are probably losing some sleep and suffer from depression.  Usually kids can go home and discuss their problems with their parents, but how can you do that if your parent already have too many problems of their own.  They grow up fearing their parents and cannot be happy.  This could have long term effects on this person and basically destroy their childhood which they can never get back.

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