Sitting under that big 'ol oak tree.
                                                                When you start to smoke, then you snort some coke.
                                                                No, it isn't a joke. So listen don't toke.
                                                                Hear all the old folk. They don't make fun and poke.

                                                                Hear'em, hear'em.

                                                                When you take a puff of that sticky green stuff.
                                                                Or you'll be chewing snuff or breathing huff.
                                                                Always never enough.
                                                                Once you take that first puff it's gonna be real rough.

                                                                Hear me, hear me.

                                                                So Clinton didn't inhale. You do, you'll likely fail.
                                                                Always problems will prevail. It'll hurt like a nail.
                                                                Sounds like a tall tale. Read it like a letter in the mail.
                                                                You really will end up like a snail.

                                                                Listen, listen

                                                                So tonight when you go to bed. After being well fed.
                                                                Don't forget in your head. Love and peace in the end.
                                                                It's always around the bend.
                                                                Remember what I've said. So you don't end up dead!

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