"Freedom" Constructed Response Activity

By Paul McCartney  2001

"This is my right
A right given by God
To live a free life to live in freedom

Talkin' about freedom
I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
I will fight for the right to live in freedom

Anyone tries to take it away
They'll have to answer 'cause this is my right..."


Woodrow Wilson's address to a Joint Session of the Two Houses of Congress (excerpt)

65th Congress, 1st Session ( April 2, 1917 )

"...we shall fight for the things which we have always carried nearest our hearts, - for democracy, for the right of those who submit to authority to have a voice in their own Governments, for the rights and liberties of small nations, for a universal dominion of right...as shall bring peace and safety to all nations and make the world itself at last free. To such a task we can dedicate our lives and our fortunes, everything that we are and everything that we have, with the pride of those who know that the day has come when America is privileged to spend her blood and her might for the principles that gave her birth and happiness and the peace which she has treasured..."

1) Read the first (top) document. What is the title of this song and who wrote it?

2) When did Wilson make his speech and who was he speaking to?

3) Who was America preparing to fight in 1917 and what was the name of this war?

4) According to Wilson, what was America fighting for?

5) Compare both documents and discuss the meaning of each. What is similar about the purpose and message of each document? How do the situations and circumstances differ?

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