7th graders Lewis and Clark / “Standing Outside the Fire “ Essays



Risk-taking is essential because without it no one would try anything new and progress wouldn’t be made.  People who use bravery to accomplish something great show a tremendous amount of power and choice.  You can learn about risk-taking from songs, quotes, a video, and many documents.                                    

One way to learn about positive risk-taking is an important song that was written by Garth Brooks called Standing Outside The Fire.  In this song the phrase “life is not tried it is merely survived when your standing outside the fire” is repeated many times.  This tells me that if your not willing to take a risk and accomplish something, than your not really living.  If you don’t eat seafood you’ll never know how grotesque it tastes.  Stand up and stand out, that is how hero’s emerge.

Something that changed my perspective on risk-taking completely was something a great leader of our country once said.  This man was John F. Kennedy, and his words were “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly”.  This is saying that if you have the courage to fall flat on your face, you’ll have the ability to stand tall and succeed.  If you know you could fail in front of many people and still try anyway, that is the type of courage President Kennedy spoke about.

One group of explorers back in the early 1800s led by Lewis and Clark took a huge risk when they traveled across the Louisiana Territory.  “You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated.”  The Core Of Discovery showed this when they faced many hard times, but never gave up.  They endured only one casualty but suffered many minor and few but painful harsh injuries.  Although the circumstances were bad they pushed and were rewarded greatly for their actions.  The thing that took the most guts to do was climbing the Rocky Mountains because they didn’t know its size, what inhabited it, or how to go about climbing a mountain, let alone have the technology.   For example, people from the early 1400’s set sail thinking the world had flat edges and death everywhere but they left anyway into the unknown and discovered something great.                  

Risk-taking is a decision that young people have to make every day but the mind of an average person below eleven is not developed enough to tell the difference between positive and negative risk-taking.  People like Dr. Pontoon are working on helping children deciphering right from wrong. Some positive risk-taking is sports, art classes, after school activities, and doing extra credit.  Negative risk-taking is drinking, reckless driving, and stealing.  Parents need to encourage children to make positive choices and make them themselves.  

In conclusion, those who really push the limits to get a task done express positive risk-taking.  People who live beyond the confines of an average person are the ones who shine.  Without risk-taking, instead of realizing what we’re missing and reaching for it, we’d be locking it out and throw away the key because we didn’t open our eyes and try something new.     







          Positive risk taking is important because if you don’t take risks then you are settling for less. You will have a bad identity, you will be a nobody .You will never know what will happen if you don’t try. As Paul Tillich said “ he who risks and fails can be forgiven. He who never risks and never fails is a failure in his whole being.” By taking risks you can learn a new language and have a new job. There are a whole lot of other possibilities. We can learn about positive risk taking from songs, movies, quotes, and articles.

          In the song “Standing Outside the Fire” by Garth Brooks it talks about positive risk taking. It is saying that if you don’t try and never fail, then you are a nobody. Also you have the power to choose to take risks or not too. If you risk and fail, then you know you are not able to do that task, but at least you tried. Garth Brooks said in his song “ life is not tried it is merely survived if you’re standing outside the fire.” That means if you don’t take positive risks then you have not lived your life to the fullest. If you take a positive risk and try something new then you know if you are able to do it or not.

          In the movie of Lewis and Clark’s expedition it shows positive risk taking. Lewis and Clark took a positive risk when they agreed to go on the journey. They also took a positive risk when they traveled across America, when they talked to people they didn’t know. They didn’t know if the Native Americans would hurt them or not. They made a choice to go over the mountains on horseback and they had interdependence when they stuck together through it all. Even when they saw animals that they have never seen before. Also when times got rough. When they finally reached their destination they were so happy.

          In president John F. Kennedy’s quote “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly,” it talks about positive risk taking. It is saying that if you don’t try at all your identity will not be known. You will be a nobody, a loser. If you try and fail then you will have an identity of a person who tries and tries again and never gives up. If you try and don’t fail then you know that you can do it.

          In the article Why Teenagers Do the Things They Do by Lynn E. Ponton, M.D. it talks about how parents can help their children take healthy risks. Parents can help their kids learn how to look at negative risks and positive risks. They can put them into sports and keep them out of trouble. Also they can work with the kids to put energy into healthier activities. The children can also make healthy positive risks by choosing to say no to drugs & alcohol. They can choose their friends and what they do with them.

          In conclusion positive risk taking is important for your health. We can learn about positive risk taking from lyrics, videos, quotes, and articles. If you never take risks then you will never know what the outcome is. “ If at first you don’t succeed try and try again”

















                Healthy risk – taking is important because if you don’t take risks you will never know what the outcome is unless you take a chance to figure it out.  So many things can be accomplished while taking risks.  As Leo F. Buscaglia said  “The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing.  He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live”.  You can learn about taking risks in quotes, songs, movies and television.

It is good to take risks but when you take risks you have to make sure that they are healthy and positive risks so you don’t put yourself in danger.  Lewis and Clark took risks, but they were positive and healthy risks.  Lewis and Clark took risks like talking to the Native Americans and trying to gain a friendship with them and in the long run it was a healthy risk because the Native Americans gave them supplies that they needed, and the supplies helped them survive throughout their journey.  Another risk that Lewis and Clark took was keep on moving through the journey even though they risked there lives being taken from sicknesses, Native Americans that didn’t get along well with them, or even wild animals.

In the song “Standing Outside The Fire” Garth Brooks was talking about taking risks and when he says that “the hearts have no scars to show” he means that the kids think that they are cool and they have nothing to talk about because they have never really taken any risks.  This song is a very good example that taking-risks is a good thing.

Parents should talk to their kids about risk taking because if they don’t talk about there own experiences they had when they were kids, their children might think it is OK to do something even though it is a poor decision.  Unless the parents talk to them about healthy and unhealthy risk- taking kids could put them selves in danger by taking unhealthy risks they mistakenly think are healthy.

There are so many positive risks that are taken every day like for some people they have to take risks in there jobs in order to do there job the right way like fire fighters have to take risks every day to save people because that is there job.  The fire fighters that were in the terrorist attacks on 9/11 took amazing risks when they were out there in that environment they were taking risks.  So now people have no excuses to not take risks because not every day a plane crashes into a building and the people that were out there are hero so don’t you want to be a hero too?

As John F. Kennedy once said “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly”.  This quote means that if you are not afraid to fail if you take a risk you will achieve in the long run because if you are afraid to take risks and never take them then you will never know the outcome.  John F. Kennedy actually took a HUGE risk by applying for the job of being the president of the U.S.A and he got it, but if he never took the risk he would have never gotten the job.

You can learn more about risk-taking in movies, television, songs, and quotes.  Remember when you take risks make sure they are healthy and positive risks and they don’t put you into danger or else they wont be considered good healthy risks. 



Positive risk-taking is very important when it comes to an everyday lifestyle because it helps you understand what makes life as exciting as it is.  If you think about positive risk-taking you can find it everywhere, in history, songs, articles, from our presidents, and even in everyday life.  Positive risk-taking helps you understand new things in life and it also helps you challenge yourself and helps you learn new things by exploring positive risk-taking.  Many times people learn about positive risk-taking through some kind of mistake, and sometimes they learn it through a lesson that they were taught during life.  Garth Brooks had said during the movie for, Standing outside the fire, was “ Competition is only feared through competition itself.”

          During the movie, Garth Brooks talked about positive risk-taking and about how life always alters the way you do things and how it always seems to take control.  As well as the quote before, in the introduction, Garth Brooks had said “While taking risks you should take them right on the spot and not wait for them to come.”  Garth Brooks’ Standing Outside the Fire lyrics has a line that really stood out to me… “Life is not tried it is merely survived, if your standing outside the fire.”  To me this line means that life is for real and to live for tomorrow not just to live for the fun of it.  Another line that pounced on my mind was… “We call them strong.  Those who face this world alone.  Who seem to get by their own.  Those who will never take the fall.”

          Presidents help us during life as well, not just our own life activities.  For example, John F. Kennedy helps us through a quote that stated, “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”  With that we were able to understand what he meant, for those of us who shoot our goals to negative risk-taking, that’s were we’re going, were as if you shoot for the positive risk-taking, THAT’S were your going.

In the movie, Lewis and Clark; The Journey of the Corps of Discovery Lewis and Clark work together through all of their accomplishments, finding the Pacific Ocean and even locating animals and sending them to Thomas Jefferson back at the capital.  Even though both of the explorers had a lot of help throughout their discoveries, they also had some hardships, which led them to having to make risks.  For example, they chose to stay and camp during the winter instead of trying to go exploring.  They also risked the exploration by going over the mountains during the winter so they could get to the what they were hoping for was the Northwest Passage, which just led them to a lot more ground to cover having them later just camping.

          Our parents are a big role in our lives especially when it comes to risk-taking.  For those children who are younger, they can learn about their actions from their parents, by watching them and figuring out what they should do.  Older children learn also through their parents actions but they become more thorough, making the kids have to make their own choice and learning how it will help later on in life. With the healthy risk-taking, behaviors have an impact on both younger and older children’s lives.  For example children may run for class president or even run in the community heart run-and-walk association.  There is another risk-taking ability that can change and person’s life… this is called negative risk-taking.  Negative risk-taking can be taken during the time of childhood, for example they could smoke, drink, or even take drugs only because their parents have done it all their children’s lives.  Those children might also drive recklessly when they become older and may even run away or have sexual activity at a young age.  For many people in the world, over a quarter of the population has HIV before the age of 21!

In conclusion, risk-taking has many ways, that it can be both positive and negative. For example, healthy and positive risk-taking behaviors tend to have a positive impact on the persons’ life, such as sports, religion, and even books or school activities.  Negative risk-taking can include drug or alcohol abuse, stealing, and running away, which can also lead to bad habits later on in life.  Positive risk-taking helps teens both older and younger in age, learn the difference between what they should be doing in life and what they are doing in life. 










Positive risk-taking is important because you can’t live life without taking risks.  Risks are important because almost every choice you make there is a risk. People take risk every day.  When I say risk I don’t mean jumping 500 ft with a dirt bike I mean taking positive risks.

           In the Lewis and Clark Movie they made many risk like what river to take when the river slit in two.  They take risks by making friends with the Indians.  Lewis and Clark made risk like what to eat, what Indians to make friends with, were to sleep, and when to cross a mountain.  Some more risks they took were a lot of different animals that they have never seen before so they didn’t know if they were dangerous or not.

          John F. Kennedy said, “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.” That means the people who dare to take a chance can gain more then other people.  Mario Andretti said, “If things seem under control, you are just not going fast enough.” I take positive risk almost every day like if when I am sick, if I should go to school or not.

In the “Standing outside the fire” music video Garth Brooks sings, “Life is not tried, it is merely survived if you’re standing outside the fire...” That means that you take risks to live your life.  When you play baseball, football, soccer, or any other sport you take a positive risk. There is a chance you could get hurt, miss a shot, or unbars your self. You take a risk a work like if you do something wrong you could get fired.

Jimmy Johnson the coach of the Dallas Cowboys said, “Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be Great.” That means that if you take risk you can accomplish more in life. Positive risk-taking is very important.


A farmer takes risks by if there crops are going to grow.


Healthy risk taking is very good, but unhealthy risk taking is wrong because you can get hurt very badly from it, for example you can endanger your health by smoking and doing drugs. You can learn about healthy risk taking from songs. You can learn from about healthy risk taking from videos. You can learn from articles. You can also learn about healthy risk taking from quotes. You can learn more healthy risks from great athletes and presidents.

          The song “Standing Outside The Fire” by Garth Brooks. In that music video he sings life is not tried it is merely survived, if you’re standing outside the fire. Garth Brooks means that you have to try healthy risks to survive and to learn from your mistakes. Like in the music video it showed the boy trying to practice for the track compotation and his mother was helping him practice and his father didn’t think he could do it. At the compotation his father was pushing him to complete what he had started, which was the race. In the music video his mother had empathy for her child, but his father did not have empathy.

          The video Lewis And Clark; The corps of discovery made a choice to finish making the map of what is now America. Even though they had a scarcity of food they decided to keep going. They discovered new environments. When they meet new people they had empathy for them. They helped people, the people helped them. That is a way of kindness but some of the people they meet were not nice.

          In the article “why did you do that, it could be the brain” by Lynn E. Ponton M.D. .  There are two different types of risk-taking one is negative risk taking the other is healthy risk taking.  Negative risk taking is done mostly under peer pressure. That includes drinking alcohol, smoking, drug use, reckless driving, sexual activities, running away from home, stealing and gang activity. Drinking and smoking get started when they are in their teens. Positive risk taking is like common courtesy. Some positive risk taking actions are sports, volunteering, art classes, acting in school plays, musicals, traveling with parent(s), running for school office, making new friends, but keep the same ones you got and donating to your environment. Like famous people you can learn from your mistakes and you can correct them when the future comes and you can make sure that your kids do not make the same mistake as you did when you were young. You can learn from their greatest accomplishments when they were young or when they were growing up. Some people have a role model. Do you have a role model? If so who? role models can be anyone!

          In quotes like, ‘those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly’. That means that even those who fail can still win. Quotes can talk about negative risk taking and positive risk taking. Quotes can come from anyone and anywhere. The quote above was written by John F. Kennedy the thirty-fifth   president. The quote means that even though you fail you are still trying your hardest. You can be successful even though you are failing.

          Taking risk is very important because in order to learn like what it feels like when you do something great. You first have to take a step closer to your goal. When you get offered drugs you should say no loud and clear and walk away. When you walk away you are being positive and taking a positive risk. Also when you say no to something you are the one that has more power than the other one.





                The more positive risks someone takes, the more power they can achieve.  If you choose not to take risks, you won’t have the chance to do something great.  If you choose to take risks, you will be original and better than those who don’t take risks.  Trying any thing new can be a risk.  Trying an extra credit project can be a risk.  People can learn about positive risk taking from movies, quotes, articles, and actual events.

          Lewis and Clark took many risks on their journey.  At the evenly split river, they took a chance and went one direction instead of the other.  They knew that if they didn’t take any risks, they probably wouldn’t be able to survive the journey.  They took chances to become friends with the Native Americans and their cultures.  As a result, they gained new allies.  If they chose not to make friends with the Native Americans, they might not have gained the fresh food, weapons, and horses, something vital to the mission. Lewis and Clark knew that if they didn’t take any risks, they wouldn’t have been able to complete the journey.  There were a lot of dangers that the journey would present to them and they over-powered them with risks.

          Most parents, when talking to their kids about healthy risk-taking, don’t talk about their own history of risks and behaviors.  According to the article by Lynn Parton, studies have shown that an 11-year old brain isn’t developed enough to fully decide on risks.  Kids need to learn healthy and non-healthy choices.  So, the parents need to talk to their kids to explain the dangers of risk-taking in life.  Kids look up to their parents as role models.  Parents don’t want to talk about past mistakes in their own life because they don’t   want their kids to know about them.  Parents should talk about their mistakes because then the kids will grow up not knowing what the parents are doing is wrong.  For example, if you were a reckless driver when you were a kid and you still are, your kids will think the way you drive is fine to be doing because you didn’t talk to them.

          In the song “Standing Outside the Fire”, it says that life is not tried it is merely survived, if you’re standing outside the fire.  This means that you are choosing to aim for nothing in life.  You just want to merely get by enough to live.  Interview for a job that pays much more than your old one.  If you take the risk to do something great, you have a better chance of something happening to you that is better than you expected.  You may be doing nothing, but your soul always wants to be as good as it can be.  “If you aim for nowhere, that’s just where you’ll go.”  Your environment will always be better than you just because you chose not to take risks.  If you aim for something great, then you will do something great if you take that risk of losing something.

          In the quote by John Fitzgerald Kennedy “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly” it means that if you take the chance to lose, you can gain more than others.  If you’re not willing to take chances, then you won’t lose anything but you won’t gain anything great either.  Choosing to take risks allows you to become something in life.  If you don’t take any risks, you can’t gain anything.  Taking risks makes you a better person than those who don’t.  Not all risk can come out the way you want them to.  That’s why they are called risks because you are taking a chance to lose something to gain something else.

          People don’t realize it but they are taking risks each and every day.  Trying out a new sport is taking a risk because you don’t know how it will turn out.  You need to make sure that all your risks are positive not negative.  If you chose to take a negative risk, you can get hurt or lose more than you needed to.  If you don’t take risks, than you aren’t living a full life.  




Positive risk taking is good. Some people take risks too far though. But if you never take risks you will never get anywhere. If you take risks that you think you can handle you might as well take it and try it. Risk aren’t always about negative things, they can be about something positive like doing a new thing in school such as trying anew sport or doing something that your friends don’t like. But in the end you can think of a positive way to get them to like it to. You can learn to take risk from quotes, articles, and movie and songs.

Garth Brooks wrote a song based on risk taking. The name of the song was (Standing Out Side The Fire). The point of the song is that all people should be treated equally as free people. If people had choices made for them they would never be able to take risk on there own. Most people would not want you to take risk for another person. Most people would not want you to take unhealthy risk. People who do not make choices on there own will never get anywhere in life or they let other people make choices for you and that’s how people get hurt. No one should ever make choices for you because they can effect you and your own life even if they did it. My social studies class watched a video that Garth Brooks made and produced. The name of the song is “STANDING OUT SIDE THE FIRE”. But Garth Brooks idea and point of the song is that risk taking is a good thing. In the movie a mentally challenged child and he signs up for the track team and the coach was scared that the boy would get hurt. There was a boy in the move that proved his track coach took a risk and proved the coach wrong and finished the race finished the race and with just some cuts and bruises and was fine. Garth Brooks point of the song and movie was that all people can take risk. Some people take big risk some take small but they all have an effect good or bad.

          Also in Social Studies class we watched a movie  based on Lewis and Clark.  They were explorers and were sent to make a map from Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. They took a very big risk by trying to go from the Mississippi to the West. They took the risk of going down the rapids and wrecking their boats and getting captured by Indians along the way. They had traveled for 3 years to get there, they had to travel on and risked having their men die. They took risk because they had to finish the journey and the map and there positive risk taking made them become hero’s. Risk might sound bad, but in the end they may turnout to be good things in eventually become great things. If Lewis and Cark didn’t take risk we would not be talking about them.

          As John F. Kennedy once said “those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly” this quote means that if you are scared to fail you will never achieve any thing in life. When you take a risk you have to be prepared for any thing because you might fail. Failing is not necessarily a bad thing. If you fail you just have to get up and try again. John F. Kennedy made a choice to try to become a president and succeed and now is a famous person.

Remember when you take risks they are healthy and positive risks that you take.  If the risks you take are not healthy they could put you into danger and that would be bad if they put you into danger then they are not considered healthy risks. Also you can Choose to learn about taking risks in movies, quotes, TV, and songs.


Positive risk-taking is about taking risks that mean something. For example: standing up for someone who is always and constantly being picked on, even though none of it is your problem. Positive risk-taking is very important because you can accomplish more on goals and achievements. It helps because it shows that you can make something of yourself, even if it’s trying for the first time, or doing something for the last time it does not matter. But if you take advantage of it, it becomes a hard choice to deal with if you over work it. You can accomplish many, many goals opportunities, life problems. But if you just use it because you want to be known than it becomes very, very difficult.

As it says in the song standing outside the fire, “life is not tried it is nearly surviving when your standing outside the fire!” It is pretty much telling take the chances when you have the chance. Whenever you may think it is necessary, you should never say never. You may think its not time for your chances but its always the time for positive risk-taking. What positive risk-taking means if you have not gotten it yet it is pretty much about taking meaningful chances, or risks.

Here is a great example. Fighting for a certain right, knowing that you could risk your life if you stand up and talk. Because there may be people who are against what you are fighting for. Then they could try too hurt or even kill you. That’s what one positive risk is. There are many others but just one should get it into your mind.

What it means to me, is it shows what kind of person you are. It shows how strong you are. But if you don’t take at least one risk in your lifetime than you don’t know what it would be like to change something in a positive way. Or possibly change someone’s life. Now that would be an honor! I think everyone has a hint on what this topic means or what it’s about. It shows that you know what risks you are taking. And it shows who YOU are. It should not matter to you what people say negatively towards you. At least you would be standing up for a great , positive right that you know is good for the community or world. Why would you and stand in the dark and not want to know what things you could change. And maybe people will realize what everything really means.

Some risks for some people are too strange or dangerous. So do a risk in something you enjoy or what you are interested in. If someone does not like it that does not matter. That’s only one persons opinion. But as some people say one persons idea or they’re opinion may be can change what someone else stands up for. It matters what you do so don’t think you cant do something when your sure you can. Some of the movies we watched like the one about Lewis and Clark shows what kind of major risks there are around to do. Like they show that they discovered another part of this country! Now that is amazing especially in wagons, and horses. I don’t think that I would be able to! But what they did is so amazing. Like traveling through dangerous Indian cities. And traveling in rain and ice storms. WOW! They did some major things for the united states. And now look at what we have. A great land. Positive risk taking means a lot. And I hope this will show what you could do in the future or even now.



You may have to take a risk in life hopefully it is positive. Positive risk taking is when someone makes a risk that may help him or her in life for example trying out for varsity basketball even though there in 9th grade but maybe they have a chance of making the team. Positive risk taking has a big impact on your life it can help you be more confidents in your self. If you have confidence in your self you can be more powerful because you will feel good about your self. Some people “ Are afraid of change,” so they don’t like taking risks even though sometime taking risks helps you in being more confident.

In the music video by Garth Brooks Standing Outside the Fire, A special kid signs up for track instead of the Special Olympics this kid took a risk and at the end he got hurt because he tripped but the best thing was, was when his dad helped him up and finished the race with him. The thing is that in the beginning his father did not want him to be in track he wanted him to be in The Special Olympics instead. In the movie Garth Brooks talks about taking risks “ There’s as much risk in do nothing as there is in doing something”. In the lyrics for the song it says, “We call them cool Those hearts that have no scars to show The ones that never do let go And risk the tables being turned,” It is saying even special kids take great risks and sometimes succeed in those risks.  There is also another part in the song where it talks about you must be tough when consumed by desire, Cause it’s not enough just to stand outside the fire, that explains you can’t be scared to take a risk but when you do it you must follow through with your choice.

President Kennedy quote was to influence people to make healthy choices like to do drugs or not to fail or to do your homework. President Kennedy quote was “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly”, and those who achieved greatly are now remembered by a memorial or are very famous like John F Kennedy became our president and lead our country in many good things and gave our country great speeches.

Lewis and Clark completed many good risks, they made it successfully across the mountains and they made peace with the Indians, but the most important risk they completed was completing the map of the United States successfully and made it so we could travel across the USA. There risks were very successful and made a difference, but some people do not complete there risks, but they don’t give up they keep trying just like Lewis and Clark and then they completed there journey.

The famous quote by Lynn E. Ponton, M.D, and Why Teenagers Do the Things They Do?  Some teenagers do the things they do to fit in or to get attention. Sometimes teens do good things, like getting a summer job. Teens some times make bad risks such as drinking under age, or even doing drugs.

Someone who took a huge risk that changed our community was Martin Luther King Jr. He took a risk to change how people treated the colored people and tried to push them around, and terrorized their home. So Martin Luther King took a huge risk and even though he got terrorized he keep fighting for his dream.

In conclusion healthy risk taking can help someone be more successful and become very famous. They also complete many goals. Healthy risk taking can become very helpful in your future. 










Positive risk taking is important because if you don’t sometimes you don’t get freedom. Positive risk taking is talked about in the music video standing outside the fire. In a quote wrote by president John f. Kennedy it talking about positive risk taking. Finally in a article with positive risk taking in the article. Starting by telling you about the music video.

The music video standing outside the fire is important because it shows that handicap people are just as good at things as people without problems. Positive risk taking is important because it says that don’t stay under people influences. Positive risk taking is important so you can take a chance in doing something better than what you where doing before. It’s also improving in what somebody says you can’t do. There’s a line in the lyric’s that say life is not tired it is merely survived which means you can sit around and not take a risk and not get anywhere in life or you can take a positive risk and get a lot of places in life. The point of the song is very important because it teaches you to take a positive risk. That is like turning your homework in on time. Now to the article.

The article your going to see why parents ask why teenagers do the stuff they do. A lot of teenagers are negative risk taking. Parents that take risk are role -models for the teens. People who positive risk taking is by joining teams and sports, volunteering, and traveling. Some people get into negative risk taking like things drinking, smoking, doing drugs, and sexual intercourse. Parents need to watch what they do around there kids because someday there kids may be like you. Some people who over power negative risk taking by teaching it to younger siblings in the families. A quote by John F. Kennedy.

This quote is “those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.” This means to try and you will achieve in what you are doing. For example kids in school who are failing if they try they could get better grades. At work you want a raise you have to work harder than before. At a sport when you want to play in a game and haven’t been to any practices it shows to you if you want to play go to practice. When your in a club you have to do your part in the club so that you can move on to something else. That’s what the quote means.

          The music video standing outside the fire by Garth brooks does have positive risk taking in that song. John f. Kennedy’s quote also has positive risk taking. The article does tell you there is positive risk taking in it to. That is what this essay is about .                                                        

Each person must live their life as a model for others.


There is positive and negative risk taking. This essay is about positive risk taking. Positive risk taking is good for you because it gets things off your mind and to get outside into the wild. Some people made a choice and are powerful to go out in the environment and do many things for the world and not just themselves. Risk taking is important because it can accomplish many things like when Lewis and Clark went west and made a map. Then we Americans started to move west. You can learn many things about risk taking quotes, songs, movie, articles, History, and presidents.

          The song “Standing Outside the Fire” by Garth Brooks shows risk taking and trying new ones too. In this song a mentally challenge kid named, Brandon signs up for track. His mother is a big help by letting him sign up and driving through town and he is running on the side of the car. His father was not approving of this so his father was arguing with his wife. But the day of the of the race his father shows up and the boy trips over his own feet and his father and mother encourages him to get back up and finish the race. His father changes his mind about his son on the team for track. His father runs with him to the finish line. The movie is not the meaning of the song. The meaning of the song is that taking risk is the reason everyone should take a risk in his or her life and not just to prove people that they are wrong to prove them that they can do whatever they want to do in life. Take “Standing Outside the Fire” out of the song and ask yourself what does it mean to you? It means to take a positive risk that will stay greatly with you all through your time. “Compition is better than anything” says Garth Brooks.

          The quote that President John F. Kennedy wrote that went like this “ Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly”. This quote means if you fail to do something even though you tired means that someday you will achieve greatly if you trying.

          In Lewis and Clark; Journey of the Corps of Discovery people could learn a lot from them because they changed the United States. By changing the United States they got a request from Thomas Jefferson to go west and keep journals and a map with the routes they took. Thomas Jefferson also wanted to know what kind of animals they had in the west. They was also tell what the environment.  They made a lot of Native American friends. They even stayed with one of the tribes that year for the winter. Sacagawea showed interdependence by helping them through most of the trip then she stayed with her brother in his tribe. That is why she is on some coins these days. Lewis and Clark took many risks and choices because they stayed with a tribe in the winter but also if they did not stay with the tribe they did not know what was going to happen if they took they risk of going back home so they stayed with the tribe.  When Lewis, Clark, and their gang before left Lewis had a depression problem when he drank a lot. When they left Lewis put back all his problems by change of environment. When everyone got back home he was back in the environment so he started drinking again. Then he passed away from alcohol poison.

          In this article Lynn E. Ponton describes health and non-healthy choices during adolescence. Some positive risk taking ones are classes, sports, volunteering, art classes, acting in the school play, traveling, running for school office, and making new friends at school, in the community, or around the world. Some negative risk taking are smoking, drinking alcohol, drug use, reckless driving, sexual activity, running away, stealing, and gang activity.

          So go out and make your life accomplished and do a healthy (positive) risk taking. Remember go out into the environment and change the world by doing great things and you can do it in a diversity of ways. Some great positive risk taking ideas are explore the world, play a new sport, or do other things in the world that are important to you. Just remember that you can take any risk that you want. Even if you don’t achieve good thing that does not me that you are not a good person. Mia Hamm is a risk taker by taking by doing great things in life like play so many soccer games and also just being a great person and also a hero.


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