September 11th (Superman) Letter


April, 2002

Dear Engine 7, Ladder 1,

I am 14 years old and in the 7th grade. My reaction to your movie, 9/11 was shock because I didn’t realize how cruel people can really be. It was a terrible attack.

The lessons that you had taught me is not to be mean or cruel to people that are different. Another lesson that you taught me is not to think of yourself, but think of other people. That is what makes you a hero to me. You guys also taught me that no matter how frustrated you are, that doesn’t mean you go out and kill people like what the terrorist did.

 You guys took a big risk on saving others which I think is really nice. Firemen like yourself taught kids to be safe. I thank you. Also, keep up the great work you are doing great.

Sincerely yours


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