September 11th (Superman) Letter


April, 2002

Dear Engine 7, Ladder 1,

I’m 13 years old. All of my life I've wanted to be a firefighter. My grandfather was a welder for the World Trade Center buildings. He was also a firefighter for Engine 289, Ladder 140 in NYC until he moved up here. My dad was a professional firefighter. My grandfather is now a professional firefighter in Utica.

After viewing the 9/11 video I learned that it takes a true brave person to do what you firemen have done. You risked your lives for thousands of people and that's what every firefighter should be ready for.

When I thought about the video, it just made me want to become a firefighter even more to save lives and possibly become a hero like you. I think after what you've done, you firemen are the biggest heroes in my eyes. That's what I appreciate of firemen.

On the day of 9/11/01 I was in class and at 8:50 we had a practice fire drill. I heard about the attack in NYC. I figured it was an accident and I was terrified. At first I worried about my family, then I worried about everyone else. I couldn't sleep that night. I still think about it every once in a while. People think it's over, but I don't. The biggest thing I want to say to you is thank you!



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