September 11th (Superman) Letter


April, 2002

Dear Engine 7, Ladder 1,

I am an eighth grade student at Edmeston Central School. I am 13 years old, and have a 9 year old sister. Grades 7 and 8 recently watched the 9/11 film. As we were watching it, I started to understand how important your fire department is to New York City. If Engine 7, Ladder 1 wasn’t there during the Trade Center attacks, there would probably be more people missing than there are now.

I also realized that you don't have to act like superman to be considered a hero. I think all of the firefighters had to be scared out of their minds to go up there that day, but when the word "hero" comes to mind, I think of you. I thought it was very heroic that firemen went to fight the fire with their brothers. I wouldn't been able to let my sister do something like that. Thank you for helping and trying to save the lives of so many I truly look up to you.



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