September 11th (Superman) Letter


April, 2002

Dear Engine 7, Ladder 1,

Hello I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade at Edmeston Central School. When I was younger I use to live in the city. I probably saw the twin Towers but didn't know what they were. My dad also helped build one of the Towers. He thinks it was Tower 1.

September 11th was just like any other day. I got up and went to school no one knew this was coming. By the time we were in our Social studies class the two Towers were hit. When I was watching the news I was really scared since half of my family live in New York City. That day I went home and we all were very upset and scared.

After the documentary 9/11 came out we watched it in class. It was really hard not to cry in class. For all the firefighters who saved people and risked their lives, we thank you. To all of us you are heroes.

Thank you for everything,


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