Choosing To Be Strong





I finally had the perfect man,
I thought that all of my dreams would come true.
He had promised me so many things,
I couldn't say anything but "I do."
His touch made me quiver,
His kiss made me dance in the rain,
I could finally be happy,
I thought nothing of the word pain.

I did everything he asked, no matter what.
My feet hardly got a chance to rest,
But it was my job to please, I was the wife
Our love did not need to be put to the test.

I remember that day when my tears never stopped.
His shirt was not ironed in the right way,
So he shoved me into the door just to make a point,
Then I saw his fist, all I could do was pray.

I figured that it was all my fault,
I had to make him love me more,
I wasn't making him happy enough.
What was I good for?

Whenever I did something wrong
I knew to expect to be hit.
Seems like I needed lots of makeup about once a week
There was nothing I could do to stop it.

I was his wife, he loved me,
He just had a bad temper, very bad,
He was a good man, my husband.
He apologized after I made him mad.

After six years, I had a reason for my cry of joy,
I was going to be a mother, how sweet.
The news overwhelmed me and made me cry,
But I kept the news very discreet.

Then one night, his supper got cold.
I screamed for him to stop,
Fearing he would hurt the child within me,
But he didn't stop, not until he saw the cop.

The neighbors had heard my scream.
They took him away,
And me to the hospital,
But it was too late, my baby could not stay.

He was in jail and I filed for divorce,
I couldn't live my life in fear,
No more pain, no more tears,
I had a chance to be free, my happiness was near.

I had lost my child,
I could never forget,
The way he treated me,
He was my biggest regret.

I moved on with my life,
I have a wonderful husband and family now.
To this day, I know that I did the right thing,
I feel in it my heart and I will never have to bow.

I broke away from that man,
But I had waited too long,
I realize now that it wasn't my fault,
And I'm so glad I chose to be strong.

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