"Why Did I Do It?"

                                                        Why did I do it, I don't even know.
                                                        Why did I have sex with someone I didn't know?
                                                        Yeah it felt good. Yeah it was worth the time.
                                                        Why do I feel as if I commited a crime?

                                                        Maybe I should have waited. I probably should have known.
                                                        I should have stopped then and done nothing at all.
                                                        What's done is done and there is no going back.
                                                        I did what I did and that is that.

                                                        Still there is remorse in my heart.
                                                        It's digging deeper and ripping me apart.
                                                        There's not much we can do.

                                                        There's not much for us to say.
                                                        I can see that we feel the same way.

                                                        May God forgive us for our premarital sin.
                                                        And may doctors warn us about troubles we may be in.
                                                        May my life stay normal, the way that it was.
                                                        I know we will part and go our separate ways.
                                                        But you took my heart and it will be with them…always.

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