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“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”


~ Harriet Tubman (1820-1913)






Buddy Mondlock’s  - “The Kid”


Directions: Read the lyrics to “The Kid”, listen to the song, and choose one of the following activities to complete.



Essay: In your essay discuss the meaning and importance of “The Kid”. Be sure to reference and explain specific lines from the song as well as the song’s title. In your essay you must also share your own personal goals along with your hopes and dreams for our community, nation and world.  Be sure to explain what you and others can do now and in the future to help make these dreams a reality.


Visual: Create an original visual interpretation of “The Kid”.  Please incorporate the title and at least one line from the song in your visual. The words can appear within the image, above the image as a title, or even below the image as a caption.  Write a brief statement on the back of your visual explaining the connection or relationship between the song and the image you created.


Poem/Lyric: Write an original poem or song about dreams and be sure to give your song or poem a title. You may choose to include a particular lyric from “The Kid” or even the title of the song, but this is not a requirement. You may also choose to create a visual to accompany your song or poem, but it is not required.




“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”


~ Anne Frank  (1929-1945)








“This reminds me of a person living their own life and it doesn’t matter what people think of him.”






The Kid (Buddy Mondlock)

©1984 by EMI April Music, Inc./Sparking Gap Music (ASCAP)


I'm the kid who ran away with the circus

Now I'm watering elephants

But I sometimes lie awake in the sawdust

Dreaming I'm in a suit of light


Late at night in the empty big top

I'm all alone on the high wire

"Look he's working without a net this time.

He's a real death defy-er!"


I'm the kid who always looked out the windows

Failing tests in geography

But I've seen things far beyond just the school yard

Distant shores of exotic lands


There're the spires of the Turkish Empire

It's six months since we made land fall

Riding low with the spice of India

Through Gibraltar we're rich men all!


I'm the kid who thought we'd someday be lovers

Always held out that time would tell

Time was talking -- guess I just wasn't listening

No surprise if you know me well


As we're walking toward the train station

There's a whispering rainfall

'Cross the boulevard you slip your hand in mine

In the distance the train calls


I'm the kid who has this habit of dreaming

Sometimes gets me in trouble too

But the truth is I could no more stop dreaming

Than I could make them all come true





I love the song called the Kid! It kind of reminds me of my life! It reminds me because I left my mom at the age 10 and haven’t seen her since, I did not even get to say bye to her.


And every day I go in my room and stare out my window wondering is she ever going to come back to me! I always feel like the left out one out of the crowd. I always dream of her coming back, but I kind of gave up on her.


But when I see things far beyond, I know that there’s other children that have it worse than me! I always have dreams, some come true some just don’t! But I always know that I’ll always dream, and so will everyone else!


I hoped you liked this essay because its all true!







Everything begins with a dream. Some criticize those “dreamers” of the world, saying it’s just a waste of time, but without a dream of better things, we wouldn’t have anything. All it takes is that one “kid” who wants better things in his life and in the world. Just like the song “The Kid” by Buddy Mondlock describes, dreaming can be dangerous, but it is a risk that must be taken in order to better society.

        Dreaming begins with that one person who wants to stand out, not blend in with the crowd. This person, like the one in “The Kid” wants better things in life. This is the type of person that sees discrimination and corruption in the world, and knows that someone has to take a stand against it. As we take a look back at history, it all started with a dreamer who changed the world. Martin Luther King made his famous speech, beginning with “I have a dream”. Through this speech, Martin Luther King was able to change the mindset of thousands of people. Although discrimination is still present in the world, this one dream by King redirected so many opinions. Without this dream, we might still be living segregated lives.

        John Lennon is another dreamer, who was often misunderstood, receiving cruel remarks about his ideas. In his famous song, “Imagine”, John Lennon says, “imagine all the people, living life in peace.” John Lennon wanted the world to be a place where everyone could get along. He didn’t want people to pass judgment, just because of a slight difference in appearance. He says, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. Lennon admits to being a dreamer and sees no problem with it; he suggests that all it takes is some dreamers to make the world a better place to live.

        “The Kid” shows so many aspects of dreaming. It shows that it can get you in trouble, but you can’t stop. To me “The Kid” shows the significance of dreams, it shows that without dreams of a better world, nothing would get started. Whether a child is dreaming of a place where no one picks on him or a young woman is dreaming of a new company she would like to start, or an older man is dreaming of a world in which everyone stood together without complaining or criticizing others, this song shows that it is important to keep those dreams alive.

      Because we all know that our world is full of hatred and lies, it is important to listen to a song like “The Kid”. It tells us to never stop dreaming, because that is when things stop happening. The song says that even though dreaming can get you into trouble, there is more trouble when dreams stop coming. The key to dreaming is to stay optimistic and know that there are no boundaries. Without all the dreams that have been put into action throughout history, who knows where we would be, therefore we need to keep dreaming and our future will be a bright one.




The Future


Is it real or is it fake...?


It tends to happen when I am awake.


I sit in class, I try to focus, and I try to learn


But in the end it is all a blur.


I know, I know, it’s important, I’m the future right?


But give me a break


Let me fly off the ground


Let me take risks, and fall down.


Don’t worry I’ll be ok, I’ll stand back up at the end of the day


Because I believe in the end I am not the future,


My dreaming is!








Always dreaming

with feet high off the ground

dreaming of things undiscovered

the dreams unfound

looking to the sky for an answer

to all the questions I’ve been dreamimg

to get away

to be different

but they fade as I wake

they fade into the reality of it all

that we are all just kids

reaching for dreams as we sleep





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Keep Reaching Up


Listening to the voices of my elders “no you can’t, no you can’t, no you can’t”

Dreaming of the big time; my face glistened with lights, fans shouting my name,

Autographs and photos “yes I can, yes I can, yes I can”

A dream like this can’t fit in a small town

So it’s time to get into my car and fly


I still have a long way to go

Leaving everything behind and what I’ve been told

With a six string in my car and my luggage by my side

Nothing can hold me back except for the goodbyes only then I wept

But I still have a long way to go


Years of searching no gas, no money “no you can’t, no you can’t, no you can’t”

I have two legs, two arms I’ll walk all the way to the top and if I go down, I’ll go down

Fighting “yes I can, yes I can, yes I can”

The road to stardom is a dead end for most but once I’m there the only direction is up


I still have a long way to go

Leaving everything behind and what I’ve been told

With a six string in my car and my luggage by my side

Nothing can hold me back except for the goodbyes only then I wept

But I still have a long way to go


The road may be long and rocky

But no, that won’t stop me

I do what I want

I do what I want







This song to me means kids want to do more, they need to do more, why not experience life early?

We all have dreams and dreams can be taken as far as the eye can see!

Some kids are left out, and they shouldn’t be, its not fair!

We need to succeed in our dreams, and in life!

If it could only happen, life for us would not be so challenging and we all could be happy.

We want to be happy, we need to be happy, Some kids don’t have long, let’s start life now!




The Future World



In the future

the world

I see

is bright and clear

no crime or war

beautiful and bright

no need to keep this gun

no worries or cares

no longing for more

just family and friends

and things you need

don’t stop dreaming

about the nice

peaceful world

in the future

keep believing



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you can dream


you can dream of a team

you can dream of a sun

you can even dream of a cinnamon bun


you can dream of a cat

you can dream of a boy

you can even dream of a big ol’ toy


you can dream big you can dream small

you can even dream of anything at all


you can dream of a girl

you can dream of a puppy

you can even dream of your old “cuppy


you can dream




Dream catcher


Dream, Dreamer, Dreaming

Dream as if you are sleeping

Dream, let your imagination soar

Dream, its knocking at the door

Dream, as if never before

Dream, Dreamer Dreaming...








She sits there and dreams all day,

With nothing to do and nothing to say,

At night she does the same, her mind is elsewhere


In the morning when she gets up,

She looks blankly into her cup,

Because her mind is elsewhere.


People laugh and people stare,

But in her heart there isn’t one tear.

Her mind isn’t there its elsewhere.


She knows one day her dreams will come true

She believes in me and you.

That’s why her mind is elsewhere.





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Lately I’ve been dreamin’, thinkin

I wanna know why she was the one to go

I’ve been dreamin’ of a world of peace.

Where no one will have to feel the grief I feel

Why does pain have to come in so many

different ways


Lately I’ve been dreamin’ , thinkin

bout why there’s always suffering before love

I’ve been thinkin’ why they picked that kid to

beat up


It’s not fair

Lately I’ve been dreamin’ , thinkin

bout all the rough roads we go through

It’s not fair


But when I dream, it all goes away.





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