“Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.”



~ General George S. Patton, American. General World War I and II ( 1885-1945 )




Sara Westbrook’s  - “One Decision”


Directions: Read the lyrics to “One Decision”, listen to the song, and choose one of the following activities to complete.


Essay: In your essay discuss the meaning and importance of the song “One Decision”. Be sure to reference and explain specific lines from the song as well as the song’s title. In your essay you must explain how the song relates to the topic of risk-taking.  Include examples of healthy risks you have taken in the past or are prepared to take in the future and explain how these choices can change or have impacted your life in positive ways. You may also want to provide examples of unhealthy risk-taking and explain the negative consequences of such choices.


Visual: Create an original visual interpretation of “One Decision”.  Please incorporate the title and at least one line from the song in your visual. The words can appear within the image, above the image as a title, or even below the image as a caption.  Please write a brief statement on the back of your visual explaining the connection or relationship between the song and the image you created.


Poem/Lyric: Write an original poem or song about choices and healthy risk-taking and be sure to give your song or poem a title. You may choose to include a particular lyric from “One Decision” or even the title of the song, but this is not a requirement. You may also choose to create a visual to accompany your song or poem, but it is not required.



“The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live.”


~ Leo F. Buscaglia ( 1924-1998)





One Decision

©2006 Sara Westbrook



The day was going along just fine

One or two mistakes, but I guess I crossed the line

Not thinking too much about the consequence

Looking back it doesn’t seem to make much sense


These are the choices that we make

These are the chances that we take


Banging my head against the wall

Watching all the red bricks start to fall

Wondering how it could of played out

What’s my life all about?

What’s it all about?



One decision could change your life

And you can’t take it back,

Can’t change the past

You’re just trying to do what’s right

One decision could change your life

No you can’t take it back,

Can’t change the past

You’re just trying to live your life


I can feel the weight of your glare

And this pain and hurt I feel is beyond repair

Each day I wake up just trying to breathe

From this anguish inside there is no relief


So take my body and I’ll take the blame

Can’t live my days with all this pain

And everything that happened is such a blur

I wish that I could get back to where I was before

My head will explode and I’m going insane

Nothing makes sense I’m so ashamed

How do I get through this?

How do I get through this?




So take my body and I’ll take the blame

Can’t live my days with all this pain

And everything that happened is such a blur

I wish that I could get back to where I was before

My head will explode and I’m going insane

Nothing makes sense I’m so ashamed

How do I get through this?

How do I get through this?





He had a choice to buckle up! In this picture they did and they survive the crash.





One bad choice could change your life. Sara felt this way when two young people in her neighborhood were in a car accident. The driver was a minister’s son who was .1 over the alcohol limit. The passenger, his best friend, wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and was thrown through the windshield and killed. The driver was charged with drinking and driving and manslaughter. You can make healthy risk-taking choices like wearing a seat belt in a car. Another thing you can do is to try out for a sport and never stop until you get it right. You can also make un-healthy risks like not wearing a seat belt and not doing anything but watching TV and sitting all day.


        One healthy decision that I have made is being on the basketball team, I didn’t want to but I think it has taught me a lot about teamwork. One unhealthy decision that I have made is not watching my dog and she got away and then I had to chase her to find her. I think making healthy decisions is important because one decision could change your life.


        “We are all so different, but so much the same” is one of Sara’s quotes it is kind of like saying we are all making choices, some good some bad. I think that the boy who was driving can’t live his days with all the pain of knowing that he played a part in killing his best friend. I also think the people in the boy’s community think that everything that happened is such a blur of the past, and yet it feels like it just happened. One bad choice could change your life.




      “One Decision” was a really good song. It really told the importance of how that one decision you make, small or large, it could change your life forever. And that decision you make, you might never or will never be able to take it back. It’s almost like a scar it never goes away.


      “One Decision” relates to risk-taking because they were taking an unhealthy risk by drinking and driving. The passenger even took two unhealthy risks. One, he got into a car with a person who was under the influence and second he did not put on his seat belt. Those two decisions changed his life forever and he can’t take it back. No one can. I probably took more healthy risks than unhealthy risks because before I do something I think about the outcome. A few healthy risks I took are, just recently I went out for the school play. I made it and I felt good. I also played basketball this year. The one thing that probably causes most unhealthy risks is the risk-takers that don’t think about the consequences. That’s why there are a lot of people that are willing to take the risk but if they saw the outcome I bet they would back down.


      Every day, Every night people make healthy and unhealthy risks. And I’d wish that more people would think about the outcome of their choice. That would save a lot of deaths or injuries in the world. Our world is already scary enough we don’t need to add more. One big risk I would say that is very brave, is our soldiers who go to war. That is a big risk.



In “One Decision” it showed us how many people make mistakes. Like a person drank and kills someone. Also, a person shooting someone. One bad decision I made was to listen to people who don’t care about grades. Also, people fighting with other people. Violence is no way to solve things.


“One Decision” helps you think of things you will do before you do it. Another thing, think and never give up. Like a drunk driver who hits someone they have to have the conscience. You imagine living all your life with the guilt.


“One Decision” is a powerful song it teaches you the value in life. It teaches you when you make a bad decision you can’t change it. Like you can’t change your past. You live with what you have. And deal with what you have.



          The meaning of the song “One Decision” by Sara Westbrook is that making one decision, this one happened to be unhealthy, and it ended up being something unexpected. In this song it explains how making one decision that changed a life and you end up regretting the decision.


      I think the lesson that can be learned from hearing this song is to really think before you make a choice for a decision. A lot of decisions are unhealthy such as, drunk driving, taking drugs, and other things that could be hurtful or harmful to you and/or those around you. 


      One line in the song that says, “One decision could change your life. And you can’t take it back, can’t change the past, you’re just trying to do what’s right.” I think that is mostly what the song is about. If you think about it making a wrong decision like drunk driving it could change your life if someone is put in jail or death occurred. Also we can’t take back choices that we regret. That is just life. And last but not least, you should always think about what will be the best choice and try to do what is right for a healthy decision.


      One healthy decision I made is auditioning for the schools play Grease. I tried and because I tried I got a good part. That is an example of healthy risk taking.



This song is about unhealthy risk taking. Things like drinking a driving, not wearing your seat belt and getting in a car with a person that has been drinking. When you take bad risk it doesn’t turn out so good. Not all risk taking turns out bad. There is also good risk taking. Like competing in a contest or trying out for a team. You have to think about the risk your taking before you take the risk.



One day you think about doing something wrong,

But then you’ll think again when your done and gone.

You must think of how your friends and family will feel,

when you were just trying to be stupid and cool.

But then you realize that your decision,

just ‘One Decision” can take you away,

and everything around you.

Think about that one day.



Everyday there is a decision


Everyday there is a decision

You make and take it

You live it, breathe it, and blame it.


Everyday there is a decision

You make it and take it

You ashame it, insane it, and doubt it.


Everyday there is a decision

You wonder how you get through it

So please don’t let it change you.





One decision that was wrong

Someone was alive and now there gone.

One decision could be bad.

It could be leaving someone sad.

Now this is what you should do,

Think about it and be cool.

Take my body and I will take the blame.

Just tell me you still be the same.

Change your behavior and don’t change anything else.





You can take back a piece of clothing

You can take back words you didn’t mean to say

You can take back a piece of pizza that isn’t the way

You like it.


There is one thing you can’t take back:

One bad decision.

A bad decision can change your life For EVER!




Number 1 life rule:

Never have regrets because at one point what you did

was exactly what you wanted to do. But you can have

One wish to change everything you did but you can’t

Change life







One decision will change your life

One wrong unhealthy risk

That may take your life

Drugs, alcohol, and drinking too

May make you realize

What happened to you.

Then you finally realize

That you got lucky

But you and your friend

Were the victims of that crash

Your friend didn’t make it

You were charged and went to jail.

But you really wished you died too.






The decisions you make

May change your life

You killed somebody

And which you are sorry

But you can’t take back

NO MATTER how hard you

Try to forget that day

You never will.

Even though your out of jail

Your past will still be there to haunt you.

Charges were pressed

And you went to court

But you got through those hard times

It took guts to confront those angry parents

But you did it now you live your life with two kids,

Family and all but you teach your kids everyday

Not to do what you did.





This is a guy that loves basketball but he smokes. You can’t do both. I’d take basketball.


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